Centon Advanced A2X1GS3200LLE 2GB Dual Channel Kit -

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 06 October 2005 11:00
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Centon Advanced A2X1GS3200LLE 2GB Dual Channel Kit -
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Centon may be a new player in the enthusiast crowd, but they have been a leading OEM supplier for countless years.  Our previous experience with the Centon Advanced line was very pleasing.  Being a newcomer to the enthusiast crowd, their TCCD based memory overclocked very well and outperformed many of the more familiar names.  The only problem behind the Advanced PC3200 TCCD memory was its availability and the aesthetics.  I must say that it is quite ugly.  The heatspreaders were bland and unappealing to the eye.  It would actually have been better if the memory was left bare.  Of course, physical appearance has no bearing whatsoever on memory performance, but it does say a lot about the focus of the company as a whole.  If the memory is well presented, then that may indicate that the company is really in tune to what enthusiasts want and need.  The first impression from the company's package can be very crucial, especially for me.  Anyway, Centon seems to have put in a lot of time developing their new Advanced line and has come up with some great looking modules. 

Centon's makeover has not only changed the overall look of their Advanced line, but it has also added a few new models into their series.  One such model is their PC3200 2GB solution.  With so many leading memory companies already pumping out great overclocking 2GB kits, the new kid on the block will have heavy competition.  Or will they?