A-DATA Vitesta PC4800 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Sunday, 03 April 2005 11:00
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A-DATA Vitesta PC4800 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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I wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of A-DATA.  Many enthusiasts in the U.S. have no clue who they are.  Most think that they're newcomers and hesitate to try their products.  The fact is, A-DATA is an extremely large memory manufacturer, but just in Asia.  If you ever head to Taiwan, you'll see A-DATA everywhere.  Overclockers in Asia pick A-DATA as the top choice for overclocking memory, just like how top overclockers in the U.S. choose OCZ.  It is only recently that they're reaching out to the overclockers here in the U.S.  As soon as they start sending out review samples and making themselves more available in the online market, I'm sure enthusiasts will pick up the name in no time.

Everyone believed that Mushkin's Black Level II was the greatest memory based on the BH5 chip.  It's certainly incredible, but the highest overclock I've ever seen with BH5 at low latencies were with A-DATA sticks.  I'm not 100% positive, but I believe A-DATA was one of the first to use Brainpower PCB before people began to realize the great potential in a Brainpower PCB.  I know for sure that OCZ started the 808 here, but A-DATA probably started the use of it in Asia.

Because A-DATA high performance memory can't be easily found, I took advantage of my vacation back to Taiwan and picked up a couple of sticks of their TCCD based memory.  Their highest rated TCCD based memory is rated to run at a stunningly high 300HTT.  OCZ recently announced their PC4800 memory, but it seems that A-DATA beat them to the punch.  I picked these up well over 3 months ago.  At that time, the memory was already widely available.