NVIDIA GeForce 660 Ti Specifications and Launch Date Leaked

Written by John Ponio on Friday, 27 July 2012 12:22 | Web and Industry News


For those of you who have been waiting for NVIDIA to release their GeForce 660 Ti Kepler card, you won't have to wait long. A Swedish tech site recently got their hands on a launch date and a specifications sheet, and everything is looking great. The card will be released on August 16, less than a month away. Specs-wise, the card is almost exactly like the GeForce 670 with just a little bit smaller of a memory bus and a smaller TDP. Read on for more.


Google Releases Details on Kansas City Gigabit Broadband

Written by John Ponio on Thursday, 26 July 2012 15:41 | Web and Industry News

Google Logo

Remember a year ago in March when everything in the news was about Google rolling out fiber optic cable? Well, since then there hasn't been much news about what Google has been doing with it. Recently, though, Google announced how everything is going to work out with pricing and with rolling out their fiber optic network to new areas. Standalone internet service from Google's fiber optic network will cost $70, or you can get a TV bundle for $120. If you need a slower than a gigabit, which is understandable, you can get the service for free but you have to pay a $300 connection fee. No word on what exactly the slower speed is, though. If you want Google to roll out their network in your area, you've got to get enough of your neighbors to agree to changing over to Google as an ISP and they'll put it in. Because Google doesn't have to follow the same laws as companies like Comcast and Time Warner have to in regards to where they have their network, Google can choose where they put their network. This allows them to make more profit out of it, because they only have to work on infrastructure in places where they know they'll get paid for it. Sadly, there's no announcement of when the service will officially launch. 

Read more on it here


Comcast Speeds up Internet Service to Compete with FiOS

Written by John Ponio on Thursday, 26 July 2012 15:12 | Web and Industry News

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With Vierizon's FiOS internet service offering speeds up to 300mbps down, Comcast has been struggling to keep up. But just recently, for those of you who live in the Northeast, Comcast has sped up their service to 305mbps (for a matching price, of course). The fastest speed from FiOS, which is 300/65mbps up/down (respectively), is available for $209.99 per month on contract. Comcast's fastest speed, which is 305/65mbps up/down (respectively), costs $300 per month. No word on whether or not Comcast's bandwidth cap is still in effect. Also changed speed-wise are a couple of Comcast's other tiers, including the 25mbps "Blast" tier which has been doubled to 50mbps, and their 50mbps "Extreme" tier to 105mbps. It looks like this is only in the Northeast so far, though, and there's no word on when the rest of us will be getting it. 

Verizon's FiOS Lineup


Microsoft Only Allowing Select OEMs to Make Windows RT Tablets at Launch

Written by John Ponio on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 15:09 | Web and Industry News

Microsoft Surface

If you were expecting a flood of Windows RT tablets to come out at the launch of Windows 8, you may be shocked. Microsoft is strictly limiting who can make Windows RT tablets. They've been working with NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm to make the chipsets, and they only let each of those three companies choose two OEMs to sell those chipsets to. NVIDIA chose Lenovo and Asus, Texas Instruments chose just Toshiba, and Qualcomm originally had chosen Samsung and HP, but now that HP dropped out there are rumors that Qualcomm is talking with Dell about becoming HP's replacement. The OEM restrictions will be lifted in January of 2013, which makes it just in time for everyone, not just the selected OEMs, to show off their own Windows RT tablets at CES.



World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Launch Date Announced

Written by John Ponio on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 14:47 | Web and Industry News

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Logo

Get ready, WoW fans, Mists of Pandaria got a release date. Pre-purchases are available now, and you'll be able to pre-download the content for the game's release on September 25. There are a few different choices when it comes to buying the expansion. You can buy the basic expansion for $39.99, or the "Digital Deluxe Edition" for $59.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes all of the digital extras that's included in the Collector's Edition, which will be available on release at selected retail stores for $79.99. The extras include stuff like special Starcraft 2 portraits and a Diablo III banner sigil, among other things. If you don't know if you want the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can upgrade for an additional $20 over the basic edition at a later date. You can read the full announcement here. Links for pre-order are available there as well.


AMD's Bob Feldstein Now Works for NVIDIA

Written by John Ponio on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 13:58 | Web and Industry News


The man who has been claimed to be responsible for AMD's success in the console market has jumped ship and has been working for NVIDIA since July 13. Bob Feldstein used to work for ATI, but after ATI was bought by AMD, he became the Vice President in Charge of Business and Development at AMD. Since the merger, he worked hard to make sure AMD's technology was put into the last generation of consoles. On the new generation that's coming out, so far only Nintendo's WiiU has been confirmed to be using AMD chips. With Feldstein now working for NVIDIA, who knows what's going to happen with rest of the consoles. It's a little late in the development cycle to change, but nothing has been confirmed yet. It was not released why Feldstein changed companies to AMD's rival NVIDIA, but the job switch has been confirmed by NVIDIA. What Feldstein will be doing at NVIDIA is also not known. Read more on it here.


New 100W USB 3.0 Standard Announced

Written by John Ponio on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 13:20 | Web and Industry News

USB Logo

Ever since the USB 3.0 standard was near finalization, everyone was talking about being able to charge power-hungry devices such as laptops through USB 3.0. The final spec that's in everyone's computers now (if they've bought one within the last year or so) does not have enough power to do that, though, as it only delivers 4.5W of power. This is enough for smaller devices like cell phones and MP3 players, but not enough for 3.5in HDDs and laptops. Well, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which is a group effort from the likes of companies such as HP and Microsoft, has announced a new USB 3.0 standard that will deliver up to 100W of power. Read on for more.


ARM and TSMC Ink a Deal to Produce 20nm ARMv8 Processors

Written by John Ponio on Monday, 23 July 2012 16:06 | Web and Industry News

ARM Logo

ARM, who makes most mobile SoC's (system on a chip), and TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, have inked an agreement wherein TSMC will produce the next generation of ARM SoC's. The next generation, ARMv8, will feature a 20nm process and 3D transistors (like Intel's Ivy Bridge uses). TSMC has a new FinFET process for manufacturing processors, and apparently they'll be able to pump out these new ARMv8 processors pretty quickly. The FinFET process is supposed to produce extremely efficient chips with very low power leakage.

Simon Segars, who is the Executive Vice President and General Manager for ARM's Processor and Physical IP Divisions, said,

By working closely with TSMC, we are able to leverage TSMC’s ability to quickly ramp volume production of highly integrated SoCs in advanced silicon process technology. The ongoing deep collaboration with TSMC provides customers earlier access to FinFET technology to bring high-performance, power-efficient products to market.


Chromium OS Binaries Now Available for Raspberry Pi

Written by John Ponio on Monday, 23 July 2012 15:37 | Web and Industry News

Raspberry Pi Logo

Good news for fans of both Raspberry Pi and the Chromium OS: a developer nicknamed "Hexxeh" has ported over the Chromium OS binaries to work on the Raspbian image for the Raspberry Pi. As a warning and for your information, this will only work on the Raspbian image, not any others such as Squeeze. It's only in Beta right now, but he's working on making it better. If you overclock the machine a little, it works quite well. Hexxeh was able to load the main page of the raspberrypi.org blog in 5 seconds. Read how to install it here


Lenovo CEO Shares his $3 Billion Bonus with Employees

Written by John Ponio on Friday, 20 July 2012 15:37 | Web and Industry News

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Some stories just restore your faith in humanity. In this one, Yang Yuanqing, who is the CEO of Lenovo, shared his $3 billion bonus with the junior-level employees of Lenovo instead of taking it for himself. With 10,000 such employees at Lenovo, each one only receives about $314 dollars (according to CNN). But, Lenovo is a Chinese company. $314 USD is actually quite a lot of Chinese workers. Urban per capita income stood just under 24000 yuan in 2011, which is just under $4000 USD. With this in mind, $314 is not a bad gift by any means. Yuanqing made $14 million last year, according to Lenovo's annual report. 



First Quarter Loss Ever for Microsoft

Written by John Ponio on Friday, 20 July 2012 15:28 | Web and Industry News

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It's a sad day indeed for those who are fans of Microsoft: their recent quarterly earnings report showed the first loss ever for the company since they went public in 1986. With a net loss of $492 million, at least Microsoft was able to keep the loss under $1 billion. The main reason for this huge loss was because Microsoft decided to declare their 2007 acquisition of aQuantive, an advertising company, as a loss. How much was the acquisition, you ask? $6.3 billion, and they wrote most of it down as a loss. The earnings report isn't all sad news, though. For the fiscal year just ended, Microsoft managed to make revenues of $73.7 billion, which is more than the previous year. With the Windows 8 and Office 15 releases right around the corner, Microsoft is too excited to really care all that much about the loss. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said:

We delivered record fourth quarter and annual revenue, and we’re fast approaching the most exciting launch season in Microsoft history.



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