Ergodex DX1 Input System Review @ InsaneTek

Written by Luke Ponio on Saturday, 12 August 2006 10:24 | Insanetek Site News

This is our first review since the site was relaunched. It is also the first from our newest addition to the team, Scott Byers (known as Switch in the forums). He did a fantastic job on this review. If you are tired of boring reviews, be sure to check his out. Stay tuned for more updates.

Undeniably, the quest for the ultimate in gaming peripherals continues to present us with a plethora of new and creative ways to get your game-on. Bearing in mind that this quest often presents us with products that are flimsy, uncomfortable, or just plain have an unreasonably high learning curve, I’d like to present to the readers out there a product that has broken virtually every known stereotype I could think of.


Tech Reviews

Written by Luke Ponio on Saturday, 12 August 2006 08:44 | Affiliate News

Yes, this post marks the return of affiliate news. Don't worry, web and industry news won't be forgotten.

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Gigabyte and Asustek merging

Written by Luke on Tuesday, 08 August 2006 09:52 | Web and Industry News

GIGABYTE Big news out of Taiwan today. Digitimes is reporting that Asustek and Gigabyte have agreed to form a joint venture. Future products, including motherboards and graphics cards, produced by the newly combined company will carry the Gigabyte brand. Gigabyte will have a 51% stake and Asustek will take the remaining 49%. The new operation is set to start operating in January of 2007. This merger will allow Gigabyte to lower production costs. Gigabyte also may be trying to avoid a potential takeover by Foxconn Electronics which has tried to negotiate a merger with Gigabyte several times in the past.

The Asustek-Gigabyte joint venture will be established with an initial capital of NT$8 billion (US$244 million), with 51% of the company being controlled by Gigabyte and 49% by Asustek. Under the agreement, the chairman of the joint venture will be appointed by Gigabyte, as well as three directors and one supervisor on the board of directors of the new company. The remaining two seats on the company's board will be assigned by Asustek, according to the companies.

What a year for mergers. First AMD and ATI and now Asus and Gigabyte. It may seem odd to DIY'ers why these two large companies would merge operations, but we often forget how much business their competitors get from OEM's. ECS, Foxconn, and the manufacturers lesser known to the enthusiast may not have much clout in the overclocking segment of the market but they have big presence in the OEM market. If Gigabyte and Asus have to merge to avoid floundering or being bought by someone who doesn't cater to the overclocker, then I'm all for the merger.


Dell to offer AMD based notebooks

Written by Luke on Tuesday, 08 August 2006 07:11 | Web and Industry News

Dell Rumors have been circulating about Dell offering AMD chips in their consumer lines ever since Dell announced that they would use AMD chips in their four-way servers back in May. The first confirmation of these rumors has come. ZDNet Asia is reporting that a Dell executive, declining to be named, has told them that Dell has AMD notebook products in the works. He said it was "not a big deal" yet confirmed that consumer models sporting a 15.4" screen with AMD processors would be shipping by years end.

Has hell frozen over? Intel's deals were not enough to keep AMD out forever I guess. Dell apparently says that market demand has forced them to offer AMD chips in their products. I am a bit puzzled with Dell's decision to release notebook products first. AMD has never had the advantage on Intel in the notebook market. Intel has had quite a strong showing of chips lately, with the Core Duo for notebooks and Core 2 Duo on the desktop. I am surprised Dell is not holding off a little while longer. It would have made more sense to release AMD products when they were stomping Intel. In any case, this is a big win for AMD. Hopefully it is a big win for consumers too. We shall see.


AMD NOT dropping ATI brand names

Written by Luke on Tuesday, 08 August 2006 06:48 | Web and Industry News

Rumors are like rollercoasters, one second they are at the top and the next they come crashing down to earth. The rumor that I posted yesterday regarding ATI's brand name was proven false today. I guess this goes to show, that even if a source has a credible statement by an employee, it is all in how you interpret their words. In the case of CustomPC, they assumed that since AMD said that AMD would remain AMD, that the ATI brand would be dropped cold turkey.

'AMD has no plans to drop the ATi brand name or ATi's product brands. The ATi name will live on at AMD as our leading consumer brand, and so will the Radeon brand and other ATi product brands. AMD's executive management knows very well the power and value of branding, and ATi's branding is some of the most valued in the global technology industry.'

Thankfully, Arstechnica got to the bottom of this rumor and corrected it with another statement from AMD. This one was far more clear. AMD has no intention of dropping the ATI brand. We will continue to have our ATI vs. Nvidia wars. It did seem awfully silly to drop a brand name that has had so much money poured into it.


AMD to drop ATI brand name?

Written by Luke on Monday, 07 August 2006 15:04 | Web and Industry News

CustomPC is reporting that, after the takeover is completed, AMD will discontinue the ATi name. CustomPC cites a named source from AMD as the one who made the statement. The Radeon brand is not currently on the chopping block, although it is still a possibilty that it will get axed. Does this mean that instead of ATI vs. Nvidia we will have AMD vs. Nvidia? Kind of ironic, isn't it? Nvidia is AMD's major chipset manufacturer but they will soon be going to head to head, branding and everything. 

We asked Richard Baker from AMD if this meant that the memorable Radeon name would also be biting the dust, but he replied that 'we haven't made any final decisions yet, but I'd personally be very surprised if we dropped any of those product names. The ATi company name is definitely going, though.'


U.S. broadband adoption up 33%

Written by Luke on Sunday, 30 July 2006 14:29 | Web and Industry News

There are currently 50.2 million broadband subscriptions in the US. According to the latest report., broadband adoption jumped 33% last year. What is interesting is that DSL was more popular than cable. DSL has the advantage of costing significantly less than cable, although the speeds aren't comparable with the more expensive cable services. The rise in broadband adoption can be linked with the popularity of online video sharing services like YouTube and Google Video which depend on a fast connection. I know I could not do my browsing and work on the web with dialup. The high quality content of todays internet just oversaturates dialup connections. 

For those still on dialup, I pity you.


AMD ATI merger official

Written by Luke on Thursday, 27 July 2006 14:44 | Web and Industry News

I guess it is time to report on this whole AMD ATI deal that I posted about last Friday. If you have been sleeping under a rock or just haven't kept up to date this week like me (video games are the bane of all productivity) then you missed the news that the buyout is official. Although it needs to go through shareholder approval and all those typical things that happen in a takeover, it is pretty much a done deal. Branding strategy won't be announced until Q4 when the merger is complete. As far as what happens to the guys in charge, AMD had this to say in their press release:

AMD’s current executive team will be complemented by the addition of ATI President and CEO Dave Orton. Orton will serve as an executive vice president of the ATI business division, reporting to the AMD Office of the CEO, comprised of Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz and President and Chief Operating Officer Dirk Meyer. In addition, under the terms of the acquisition agreement, two ATI directors will join AMD’s board of directors upon closing of the transaction.

There were some quick rumors that Intel decided not to renew ATI's chipset license for next year, those have been refuted. Also, AMD/ATI has said that they will continue to stay committed to the Intel platform. What implications will this have on Nvidia's business? It is all speculation until we really start seeing the integration between AMD and ATI at the end of this year. 


SCO claims IBM destroyed evidence

Written by Luke on Sunday, 23 July 2006 12:43 | Web and Industry News

SCO is still at it. This has to be the most desperate move that I've seen out of SCO so far. They are now claiming that IBM deleted some source code that would have proven IBM guilty for copyright infringement, essentially destroying evidence. SCO's original lawsuit against IBM was filed back in 2003 and has yet to go to trial. Since then, they have had two-thirds of their 296 claims dismissed, yet they will not give up. Will this lawsuit every make it to trial? Many lawyers say no. I am starting to agree with them.


AMD's board approves ATI takeover offer

Written by Luke on Friday, 21 July 2006 12:49 | Web and Industry News

ATI shares were up 8% in after-hours trading today amidst a report saying AMD may be planning a takeover of the Ontario, Canada based graphics chipset manufacturer. The deal, estimated at $5.6 billion, would have huge implications in the graphics card industry where the only other major competitor is Nvidia. 

Analysts have been buzzing for a while about this deal, but so far everything has been rumors and speculation. AMD's board has now approved a takeover offer. This information was reported by Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper. Their source was an investment banker familiar with the talks between the two companies. More evidence of a possible takeover come from the sightings of AMD executives at ATI's Markham, Ont. head office.


AMD set to cut prices on mobile processors in October

Written by Luke on Friday, 21 July 2006 06:47 | Web and Industry News

Digitimes reports that on October 23rd, AMD will slash prices on Socket S1 Turion 64 X2 and S1/754 Sempron CPU's. Price cuts will be from 16-35%. The mobile price cuts would follow a series of desktop price cuts on the 24th of this month. Digitimes says not to expect any more price cuts for the desktop in October.

The planned price cuts for AMD notebook CPUs on October 23 only involves the single-core Socket 754 versions that supports DDR modules, whereas prices for the Socket AM2 and Socket S1 CPU lineups that support DDR2 will remain unchanged, the sources noted. The move is aimed to help clear out AMD's DDR-supporting products, the sources said.


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