Scythe Katana

Written by John Chen    Monday, 15 August 2005 11:00
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Scythe Katana
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Scythe has released many high end coolers lately.  The most impressive heatpipe cooler from Scythe was the Ninja, which featured 12 whopping heatpipes that extended from the base.  Although we missed our chance to review the huge beast, I have no doubts that the Ninja would be one of the best CPU heatsinks on the market.  It certainly received many praising words from all over the world.  The release of the Ninja was quickly followed by the Katana.  The Katana is a smaller heatpipe based heatsink that uses a smaller fan and less heatpipes. 

The general design for a heatsink has always been the bigger the better, the more the merrier.  At first glance, my first thought of the Katana was, "why the less heatpipes?"  It doesn't really make sense.  Then I noticed the slightly different design of the heatsink.  Like the highly anticipated Asetek VapoChill Micro, the heatpipes and fins of the Katana are designed to be angled in a way so that great performance could be achieved without the need of increased heatpipes and massive fins.