Gigabyte 3D Galaxy

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Sunday, 17 July 2005 11:00
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Gigabyte 3D Galaxy
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You know there's a big market for water cooling when motherboard manufacturers get involved. The need for performance cooling is growing in the computer industry. It's not only needed by those who are increasing the heat by overclocking, but by those who are merely trying to tame their Prescotts. Gigabyte's newest venture is their 3D Galaxy, a universal liquid cooling system.

Gigabyte's 3D Galaxy is their first step into watercooling. Gigabyte's first watercooling kit brought several firsts to the watercooling market. Two of them are features that provide safety for your system; Low water level and over-temperature protections that power your system down if your processor is close to harm and a MOSFET cooling fan that aims to keep power circuitry surrounding the CPU socket cool. Gigabyte has also started producing their first case, the Aurora, which is a perfect match for their watercooling kit. We'll see if Gigabyte's first attempt at watercooling is a worthy one.