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Written by Stephen Jimenez    Wednesday, 07 September 2005 11:00
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Evercool Ice Man Continued

The Ice Man makes use of three heatpipes, to cool the CPU. The heatpipes and base are nickel coated for a uniform finish. The fins are aluminum and soldered onto the heatpipes . The three heatpipes are mounted in the center of the base and are bent in a U shape. The square peg on the top of the base is used for the mounting brackets. The base is lapped to a mirror finish and is very smooth for proper contact with the processor.

Here are the mounting brackets for the Ice Man. The K8 bracket, Intel 478, and 775 mount by use of screws, while the K7 uses a clip method.

Evercool includes a fan controller to control the speed and noise. The color scheme of the controller matches that of the heatsink. For those concerned with aesthetics, Evercool earns some points there. Also included is a small tube of thermal paste.