Evercool HPC Ice Man

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Wednesday, 07 September 2005 11:00
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Evercool HPC Ice Man
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With so many options for heatsinks available, manufacturers not only need to offer heatsinks that provide sufficient cooling, but also a product that has a little something more. Many companies have included fan controllers with their heatsinks, in an attempt to allow users to turn their heatsink fans down to a quiet level. Some have gone the completely silent route with fans designed for noiseless operation.

Evercool is one of the leading manufacturers of computer cooling in Taiwan with distributors worldwide.  Today, we have one of Evercool's newest heatsinks, the HPC-925 "Ice Man". Evercool's Ice Man is a heatpipe tower that mounts on just about every platform. It aims for performance while maintaining silence. We'll find out if the Ice Man can take on the heat of an overclocked processor while producing minimal noise.