Cooler Master Ultra Vortex

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 15 September 2004 11:00
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Cooler Master Ultra Vortex
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Cooler Master has been busy lately making pretty good power supplies and excellent looking cases.  Of course they didn't forget about their main goal:  cooling.  We reviewed the Dual Storm a little while ago, which had a great idea behind the design of the airflow.  The fan performed pretty well but had some funky gold colored fan blades.  I didn't find it very appealing with the looks.  I did like the blue LED's, though.  Today, we have Cooler Master's new heatsink.  The Ultra Vortex sports the look of Zalman's large flower heatsinks and combines it with the use of a 92mm fan.  Zalman was able to get some impressive results with their heatsinks, but the fan lacked the option for more CFM.  Cooler Master has provided an adjustable fan that is capable of pushing more air.  We'll see just how well it performs.