Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120

Written by Randy Torio    Sunday, 10 April 2005 11:00
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Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120
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Although InsaneTek was never able to review Cooler Master's Aquagate, we have constantly read about its remarkable performance, convenience, looks, and affordability.  The Aquagate was easily one of the best all-in-one watercooling solutions for enthusiasts that did not want to endure the time of Do-It-Your-Own watercooling.  While the Aquagate was Cooler Master's first entrance into the watercooling scene, a number of other comparable solutions existed, such as Corsair's Hydrocool, Koolance's Exos, and Thermaltake's Aquarius and BigWater.  All of these kits required little maintenance and setup, but still required knowledge of coolant to water ratio, leak prevention, and installation.  Imagine having a watercooling kit that did not require any maintenance and intricate setup whatsoever.  For those who held off upgrading to a water cooling solution, particularly because of the tedious tasks associated with it, Cooler Master has released a watercooling solution that can be installed as easily as a heatsink.

Cooler Master's Aquagate Mini R120 is the first of its kind, at least the first successful one that I have ever seen.  The Aquagate Mini R120 is the first watercooling solution that is installed in the same manner as a heatsink, which the majority of users are accustomed to.  Cooler Master's Aquagate Mini line comes in two flavors for your setup convenience: an 80mm and 120mm version.  We will be looking at the 120mm version, the R120, today and comparing it to both air cooling and existing water cooling products on the market.