Asetek WaterChill KT03AT-12VX

Written by Patrick Ng    Monday, 05 December 2005 11:00
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Asetek WaterChill KT03AT-12VX
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Asetek is one of the more prominent names in the the PC water cooling world. They have released an assortment of quality parts that are geared towards the extreme overclockers and gamers searching for a source of reliable cooling. The idea of introducing water inside a computer has always been a fascination for me. Traditional air cooling is sufficient for most mainstream users, but watercooling remains an alternative for those who want to squeeze out the last few drops of performance from their system, since watercooling is much more efficient than air cooling at dissipating heat. Quite frankly, aircooling just doesn't give the kind of comfortable assurance against my CPU overheating that I'd like. All the numbers aside, because of the longer installation process associated with a watercooling kit, the ease of installation plays a big role when one decides between the traditional aircooling system or upgrading to a watercooling system.

Asetek continues to upgrade and bring new innovations to their WaterChill line that make it more effective and powerful at removing heat. They have introduced a 12v pump into the watercooling loop, and now we have the pleasure of testing it with their Black Ice Dual radiator and the Antarctica waterblock.