Asetek VapoChill Micro

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 25 October 2005 11:00
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Asetek VapoChill Micro
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Asetek has always focused on high end PC cooling rather than typical mainstream solutions.  Their most extreme is the VapoChill that consists of a compressor that removes heat from the CPU.  It is capable of bringing temperatures all the way down to sub-zero!  Their second in line is the WaterChill, which is basically a watercooling setup.  Their waterblocks are easy to mount and the entire kit is easy to assemble, although you do have to do some modifications to your case to mount the big radiator.  What about the average Joe Overclocker who does not wish to step into such extreme worlds and are satisfied with aircooling?  I am one of these enthusiasts who simply refuse to go the watercooling route.  My main gripe is the level of maintenance and installation process.  The simplest watercooling kit will definitely take more time to install than a traditional aircooling heatsink.  Phase change is just another level.  I see no practicality in it other than to obtain world record benchmarks.  I would definitely love to own one, but running it 24/7 is just a big no-no for me.  Fortunately for enthusiasts who think like I do, Asetek has introduced an aircooling heatsink that aims for easy installation and high performance.