Arctic Cooling VGA Silencers

Written by Randy Torio    Friday, 20 August 2004 11:00
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Arctic Cooling VGA Silencers
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"Cooling" and "overclocking," are two words you usually associate with your CPU.  Long before video cards, overclockers have been seeking new and better cooling solutions for their CPUs (remember the Dragon Orb for Pentium 3?).  However, as soon as people experienced the speed increases of an overclocked video card, especially with the next generation video cards by ATI and Nvidia, they started looking for video card cooling solutions.  Arctic Cooling presented its first video card cooling solution a while back with the Arctic Cooling Silencer.  This cooling solution was quieter, cooler, and kept case temps lower than any other stock cooler.  It quickly became the craze as more people purchased Radeon 9800 Pros and other comparative video cards.  It became so popular, that people even started modding it for better performance.  You know a product is good and popular when people start modding it.

Arctic Cooling is well known for their excellent and quiet cooling gear.  They have always built well performing heatsinks, fans, and other cooling devices that offer excellent performance for overclockers while creating minimal noise.  It was the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer that made them popular among enthusiasts. This cooler was arguably the best video card cooler in the market and gave fierce competition to the likes of Thermaltake and Zalman. Here is a picture taken from their website:

This cooler was the perfect cooling solution, but many wished that Arctic Cooling would somehow integrate copper and cooling for the ram chips as well.  Many also wished they could have made Silencers that were available for ALL different video cards.  Well Arctic Cooling has answered all of your pleas by doing just that and so much more.