Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 09 June 2004 11:00
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Although AMD Athlon XP processors see no further increase in speed in the near future, heat sink manufacturers continue to make exceptional heat sinks for consumers.  The unlocked Athlon XP's and Athlon XP mobiles are the reasons why overclockers still need a bigger and better heatsink.  They reach outstanding speeds but still produce a good amount of heat.  Engineers have found an alternative to the traditional bigger and wider heat sink--the thermal heat pipe.

TTIC makes a large variety of heat pipe induced heat sinks, but mainly for OEM systems.  The main reason why many companies are focusing more on the heat pipe design is because it results in excellent performance under quiet computing operations.  The model we are looking at today comprises of aluminum fins soldered onto the heat pipe in the center.  The large single heat pipe is known as the heat column and is a bit different from the majority of designs that use three to six heat pipes.  The use of aluminum fins is to help dissipate heat faster.  As you know, copper has a higher capacity of heat retainment, while aluminum dissipates heat faster.  The combination of both metals produces the best cooling available.  Many enthusiasts will argue that having a single copper heat sink will be better in performance, but that depends on the fan that you are using.  With the aim being quiet computing, having aluminum fins will help cool better.  At the same time, this also keeps the cost of the heat sink down.