OCLabs Monoblock 6

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Sunday, 20 November 2005 11:00
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OCLabs Monoblock 6
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With the increasing popularity of watercooling systems, there is an ever increasing array of components available that can be used to configure a setup. There are companies that produce entire kits-- consisting of a waterblock, radiator, pump, reservoir, tubing, and even coolant--while there are companies that only specialize in one or two of these components. Among the various watercooling components, the waterblock is the most varied. This time we will be taking a closer look at a waterblock from Overclock Labs.

Overclock Labs is an Italian manufacturer of computer cooling equipment. OCLabs was created in 2001 with the intention of bringing watercooling and overclocking resources to the Italian market. To date they have created numerous waterblocks and reservoirs as well a liquid nitrogen/dry ice tube. Today we have OCLabs' latest model in their Monoblock line of waterblocks, the Monoblock MB-06. Let's see how well the Monoblock performs.