TITAN Robela

Written by Patrick Ng    Thursday, 19 January 2006 11:00
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TITAN Robela
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TITAN should be well known name to most enthusiasts when it comes to cooling. They are famous for giving their products a feminine name and basing their case designs on a female character. TITAN has recently taken steps to release a watercooling case to the market and as expected, it does not stray very far from their traditional hallmarks. Although the concept of building a watercooling kit right into a case isn't exactly original, it certainly can be appealing. Who wouldn't want a quality watercooling kit already built right into the case to a perfect fit? After fiddling around with the Asetek WaterChill kit and not being able to fit it inside my case, I'm actually looking forward to having that everything-in-one kind of comfort and avoiding all the hassle. But, as always, the main selling point will always be the performance of the kit.

The TITAN Robela was made to surpass all previous watercooling cases. Indeed there is a lot of pressure for it to perform--its price tag is already a big turn-off!