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Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 19 October 2005 11:00
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How many of you own laptops?  I sure do.  Laptops are so popular and powerful these days that OEM companies are providing "desktop replacements".  These are so powerful in performance that it trounces my gaming system!  How sad is that?  The downside to that is the bulkiness and weight.  These "desktop replacements" are not ideal for computing on the go.  For enthusiasts who want something much more portable, there are thin notebooks that measure within an inch of thickness.  Laptops are getting crazier by the minute.  I have a fairly thin notebook and it suits me quite well, allowing me to bring my work with me wherever I go.  Unfortunately, thin notebooks also have a downside.  They get rather hot.  My CPU fan has three speed settings--low, medium, and high.  It always runs on high no matter what task I am doing.  The CPU heatsink is small so the fan needs to spin at maximum speeds, which in return, emits quite an annoying sound. 

TITAN has been a long time cooling maker, providing good cooling solutions for all your needs.  This time they bring us the Serina, a cooling product dedicated for your toasty laptops.  Since it does not actually connect to the hot parts of your laptop, will it really help?