Thermaltake Sonic Tower

Written by Patrick Ng    Thursday, 24 March 2005 11:00
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Thermaltake Sonic Tower
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Thermaltake is a well known company that manufactures cooling products. Their cooling products include water cooling kits, performance fans, and CPU heatsinks. Their past heatsinks had a widely supported the aged Socket A to 478, and now the popular K8 and LGA775. While heatsinks were migrating from the original copper base and aluminum fins style to the use of heatpipes, Thermaltake has taken a part in the migration and showed us the true wonders of heatpipes: Silence without lacking performance. Many enthusiasts should know that with fans smaller than 120mm, the noise level jumps by a great margin.

Recently we reviewed the Big Typhoon and the Beetle, both of which performed superbly in silence. Today we'll take a look at their third attempt, the Sonic Tower.