Thermalright SI-120

Written by John Chen    Friday, 09 December 2005 11:00
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Thermalright SI-120
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The Thermalright XP-120 CPU cooler:  If you are a PC enthusiast and have never heard of the XP-120, you should smack yourself in the head and save me the trouble.  The XP-120 was the heatsink that stirred up quite the commotion regarding the use of a large 120mm fan.  Before the release, the largest fan that any CPU heatsink has ever used was 92mm.  The inclusion of numerous heatpipes was uncommon and shocked enthusiasts worldwide, in a good way of course.  Unfortunately, the XP-120 faced one huge problem--compatibility issues.

Many enthusiasts were overjoyed when they saw the release of the XP-120, but their smiles quickly turned upside down when they started having trouble installing the heatsink.  Motherboard capacitors, memory modules, Northbridge heatsinks, and many other components on the motherboard started posing as obstacles.  It was a difficult time indeed.  Thankfully, Thermalright listened to our whines and cries and went back to the drawing boards. 

Their new pride and joy is the SI-120, an aircooling heatsink that is similar to the XP-120, but without any of the compatibility issues.  Ridding of the compatibility issues is not an easy task, especially when dealing with a heatsink that is already very big in size.  Thermalright only made a few changes, but the changes look as if it would affect the performance of the heatsink.