Thermaltake Swing

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 03 November 2005 11:00
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Thermaltake Swing
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There are so many choices for nowadays that it is quite hard to pick the perfect case.  Overclockers want something that provides great airflow and easy access in and out of the case.  Gamers want something that is light, portable, and sometimes flashy.  What about the general computer user?  No one wants the beige box look anymore that is for sure.  Nice looking cases are certainly out of the typical computer system budget.  That certainly narrows the choices down by quite a bit doesn't it?

Thermaltake is known to be a top case and cooling manufacturer.  All of their products are well known throughout the world.  Their high end Kandalf case was certainly a winner, but it was also priced quite high.  Although we did not get a chance to look at their new flagship Tai Chi case, a quick check at the price tag shows that it is not for everyone.  No need to fret; Thermaltake has released a new case that not only comes with a stylish design, but also a comforting price.