ThermalRock Circle

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 08 February 2005 11:00
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ThermalRock Circle
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Never heard of ThermalRock?  Surely you must know Thermaltake, though.  No one really knows why Thermaltake decided to split off into a second name, but sure enough both of them are owned by the same people.  This new name can only be good news for us.  Why?  We get to see more goodies, of course.  With the announcement of the ThermalRock name, a couple of products have already been introduced and have become available for sale.  Most of their products are cases, and if they follow Thermaltake's case history, these cases should offer users plenty of space to work with as well as great cooling performance.

I must admit that I was immediately hooked on to the great internal designs of cases like the SilverStone TJ06 and Enermax MaxFlow.  While the cases had the exact same internal structure, the difference that sets them apart is the external looks.  Cases are a difficult decision when making a new system purchase, mainly because it involves so many opinions and personal preferences.  While the inverted motherboard tray design is becoming more popular, many more companies are beginning to adopt the layout and while showing off their own unique approach.  Today we settle on ThermalRock's design.  The first thought that came to mind when I laid eyes on the Circle case was Bang & Olufsen.  Never heard of B&O?  You definitely should check out some of their high tech goods.  It's pure beauty.  B&O products always give me the sense of relaxation in a calm and soothing environment.  Just take a look at B&O's BeoSound 9000 and you'll know what I mean.