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Written by Randy Torio    Saturday, 11 June 2005 11:00
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Cooling Continued

You can then enable fan mode by pressing the function button again.  Fan mode is indicated by the lit green arrows and the spinning of the green fan on the bottom.  In fan mode, the AC unit is still off, but the intake fan is still spinning to bring in ambient air from the outside.

If the temperature is still too hot in the inside, you can enable the AC unit by pushing the function button once again.  The AC function is indicated by the lit snowflake and green arrows.  One thing to note is the use of the snowflake icon.  My girlfriend walked in one time and immediately saw the snowflake in action.  She said it was "pretty."  Computers should never be pretty.  Perhaps an avalanche would be better?

In AC mode, the AirCon temperature will turn on and show the temperature of the air being cooled.  It takes only seconds for the AirCon temperatures to become less than the outside ambient temperatures and a little less than a minute for the AC unit to be fully on.  Sytrin claims that each degree decrease in system temperature translates to a degree decrease in CPU, GPU, and motherboard components.  Theoretically, lower system temperatures are ideal.  Realistically, the results are far from theoretical.  The CPU cool down, but not as much as hypothesized. Yet, the GPU was able to cool much more than anticipated.  According to Sytrin, the drop in overall temperature is calculated in the following manner:

Q=(m) x (Cp) x (dT)


  • (Q) is cooling power in KJ (joule);
  • (m) is the amount of air measured in weight (Kg);
  • (Cp) is 1.007 KJ/(KgK) for air at 298K (25C);
  • (dT) is the inside/outside air temperature difference
  • While we are math geniuses, we trust Sytrin and we don't feel the need to do the math.  All of this hoopla in lowered temperatures over ambient is interesting, but how much of an impact does this AC unit actually have on system temps when turned on?  We'll find out later in the tests.

    Sytrin also includes an extra space for an additional fan up top.  This will help to exhaust hot air that rises.  Sytrin probably did not include a fan because they felt the AC unit was more than enough to keep system temperatures down.  While the added noise is probably not something most of us want, its nice to know Sytrin has included as many options as possible for the end user.