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Written by Randy Torio    Saturday, 11 June 2005 11:00
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Power Supply

The power supply included with the Nextherm case deserves its own detailed review.  The included 460W power supply has enough features to rival top power supplies that are sold individually.  All of the cables are fully sleeved with black sleeving, black connections, and easy grip Molex connectors.  The supplied connections are enough to fulfill the demands of the latest computer rig.  They include 6 Molex connectors, 2 floppy connectors,  2 SATA power connectors, 1 eight-pin power connector, 1 four-pin power connector, 1 PCI-Express connector, fan-monitoring support, and the 24 pin power connection.  The power supply also has its own connection for both the LCD unit and the AC Unit.

Taken directly from Sytrin's website, the power supply also has the necessary power to make it an efficient power supply for both the latest Intel and AMD offerings.  A few key features include Active PFC, over-voltage and power protection, dual 12v rails, PCI-Express support, and smart fan control and monitoring.  This isn't the typical power supply included with low-quality cases.  Sytrin definitely takes the hassle out of buying an additional quality component.  We will see later on in the review if this PSU can withstand the stress testing.