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Written by Randy Torio    Saturday, 11 June 2005 11:00
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Opening up the case revealed a spacious interior supporting a fully-sleeved power supply with easy grip Molex connectors, a tool-less in case design, an AC unit, and a box including the necessary screws, brackets, PSU cable, and an I/O plate.  The tool-less design is incorporated into the fan placements, 5.25” drive bays, PCI brackets, and front bezel.  Fan positioning is just a matter of snapping in an included 92mm fan into the rear fan clips.  Any 5.25” device can be installed by just snapping on a tool-less bracket onto the device and then sliding it into the bay.  The 3.5” bays aren’t tool-less, but are removable.  There are also only two available slots open for 3.5" devices, which can be a problem for people needing more hard drive space. Despite this one limitation, installation of the drive bays is simple, quick, and effective.

The tool-less PCI brackets are unique in their implementation.  Installation is just a matter of pushing the latch up, sliding it out, installing the PCI device, and pushing the latch back in to secure it.  Overall, the design feels much sturdier than most tool-less PCI brackets that I’ve seen.  Another unique tool-less feature is the removal and attachment of the front bezel, which only requires the flip of a side latch.  We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to remove a front bezel, but Sytrin ensured easy removal.  In fact, as minor as this feature may seem to most people, it is a definite win for people who consistently like to tinker with their cases.  I'm hoping other manufacturers take a hint from Sytrin's design.