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Written by Randy Torio    Saturday, 11 June 2005 11:00
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Nextherm ICS 8200

Like all quality case packaging, Sytrin's box included all the necessary features to market it efficiently.  It sported all the necessary features that come with the case, as well as a picture of the case itself.  Of course, the case came well-protected in thick Styrofoam and plastic wrap.

The case itself is the silver version of the ICS 8200.  Composed of steel, the case is not light.  Yet, it’s not as heavy as other steel cases I’ve reviewed, such as the Thermaltake Kandalf.  The case is painted in silver, except for the front bezel.  The overall look of the case is impressive.  The black front bezel is completely flat.  The top section, which holds the power indicator and LCD readout display, is positioned nicely at a 45 degree angle.  The overall look is very geometric and clean.

The side door lacks a window, but I feel that the inclusion of a window would ruin the sleek look of this case.  The side door also has a handle for easy removal.  The Nextherm case sports rotating feet, similar to Thermaltake and Chieftec cases.  The back of the case includes a 92mm rear fan placement.  However, the thick grill opening looks very restrictive.  A honeycomb pattern would be a better choice for airflow.  The Nextherm also has thumbscrews for even more added convenience in removal of the side doors.