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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 05 January 2005 11:00
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Installation was a tad longer with the Transformer. Longer installation time doesn't mean anything, as long as it is smooth and easygoing. The first thing the case requires you to do is put motherboard screws in. I find it a pain every time to match up the holes from the motherboard to the motherboard tray, but the Transformer has already pre-labeled the holes for you. This saved me some time and effort. The Transformer also features a few quick release functions. The first is the PCI expansion slots. It opens and locks in place and locks the PCI cards to the case. It was hard to shift around at first, but became weak after a while.

The second quick release mechanism is the tool-free drive slots. These, unlike the PCI slot quick release, were much sturdier. I took off the front panel and slid the 5.25" drive right in. Once in and locked, I shook the case as hard as possible. However, every time you want to install a new drive, you will need to take off the front panel. This can get annoying, or might even damage the case because it is made of plastic.