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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 05 January 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech Transformer Case Continued

The 80mm fans that were provided by SunbeamTech are rated to be 1680-2700rpm. They already have a splitter so that you don't have to spare a Molex connector on your power supply. I suggest replacing those fans with more powerful ones if you want more airflow inside. Be careful with the side panel with the window design because it did not have any protection on it, making it prone to scratches. The 120mm fan on the inside was made by Evercool. The front panel connectors along with the top panel connectors were all there, neatly strapped down for better wire management.

The interior of the case was very spacious. While taking a quick look at how many things were provided by SunbeamTech, you can't miss the many extra drive bays that the case provides. They are facing you, right underneath the two 3.5" bays. The package that was shipped with the case contained many more accessories than the Samurai. A total of three fans were provided, three 80mm, one 120mm, as well as an abundance of screws. A cold cathode ray tube was found taped to the case, so that it wouldn't crash into pieces.  A toolbox was screwed into the case, containing the screws, instruction manual, inventory list and quick release handles for your drives. The cathode ray tube kit had everything needed to power it up. Included was a two slotted inverter, PCI slot switch, the cathode tube, some Velcro tape, and a Molex power connector.