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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 05 January 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech Transformer Case Continued

There was a tiny piece on the front panel that broke. It was not major, but it was still broken. The piece that broke was a clip on the mask of the front panel. The mask still locks on pretty tight, though.

On the top of the case, SunbeamTech provided one more 80mm fan with a fan grill. The paint job was pretty smooth and clean. The USB and audio plugs are on the bottom right hand corner. The USB plugs are completely 2.0 compliant for your high speed needs. The bottom of the case already had the feet attached. All you have to do is twist it out. Like many parts of the case, the feet are plastic.

Moving to the side panels, one side is completely plain. The other side had a plastic window and a design. SunbeamTech has provided two 80mm fans with flashy fan grills. The side panel was fastened by two thumbscrews and a quick release button. Not too far from the button was a key hole for the lock. The lock did not work when I tested it. I was still able to open the side panel with ease. Perhaps this is another piece that was broken.