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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 05 January 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech Transformer Case

The case originally came in a plain cardboard box. I was surprised to see a box without much design. Even the Samurai was shipped in a flashy box. I went ahead and cut the box open, which revealed another box. This box was a pretty blue color, complete with specifications and all the other good stuff. I proceeded to open the blue box. The protection that SunbeamTech included for the case was superb. The Styrofoam on top was very thick. I also noticed the side plates of Styrofoam were very thick. The case was wrapped in plastic.

I thought the Samurai was big, but this case is enormous! The front panel is included separately and not attached. After seeing how well the front panel was wrapped, I had doubts there were going to be any damages. The mask of the front panel had a nice design and did remind me of the Transformers show.

Opening the top half of the front door reveals five 5.25" bays and two 3.5" bays. The power button was a decent size and the classic activity and power LEDs were back. All the way to the left, the reset button is a normal size. Behind the front panel there is a bay for a 120mm fan. SunbeamTech did not provide a fan there, but did so for every other spot on the case. The only negative aspect of this case thus far is that the front panel is completely plastic.




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