SilverStone SG01

Written by John Chen    Saturday, 03 September 2005 11:00
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SilverStone SG01
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Gamers rejoiced when Shuttle introduced their SFF systems.  The lightweight and portability of the small systems gave gamers no reasons not to attend a LAN party.  Instead of lugging around a huge steel tower, gamers can walk around with an LCD in one hand and their SFF in the other.  The performance of Shuttle's SFF puppies did not disappoint either.  The only thing that was lacking would have been the overclocking department.  The overclocking options were limited and for those who overclock, it was a big turn-off.  Some case companies have realized that the demand for smaller form cases are rising and they have created their solutions to accommodate the needs of both gamers and overclockers.  SilverStone is one of those companies.

My first encounter with the SG01 was earlier this year at Computex 2005 in Taiwan.  It looked phenomenal.  The biggest hype during Computex 2005 was perhaps ATI's Crossfire.  I was told by SilverStone that the SG01 was designed to be able to handle the heat output of two ATI video cards in Crossfire mode.  For such a small case, that's certainly more than impressive.  That is what I call gaming on the go.

A good case would not be considered a good case if installation is a huge hassle.  Some of the biggest annoyances with cases are limited space and the need to squeeze in your hardware.  The SG01 is already small in size, which is good for portability, but can the case offer easy installation of your hardware?