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Written by Patrick Ng    Tuesday, 26 July 2005 11:00
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Raidmax has been one of the many manufacturers dedicated to producing computer cases and accessories. After their Scorpio line of cases, which was a huge success, their Samurai line also received many praises from consumers. As they release their new line of gaming cases, Raidmax tries to incorporate a rectangular case together with a slightly fancy look.

Elegance and looks are worth the most points, with ease-of-installation coming in second place. Reviewing cases is rather complicated, as looks are most important and everyone has their own opinions. From the advertisements that Raidmax has been putting out for the new X1 Gaming Case, I was eager to review it. The X1 attempts to satisfy those important points a case is required to have and more. What else does Raidmax include? A stock power supply for the average user. Straying from the looks, the X1 seems to be an all around case that will do its job. What features about this case will make it stand out against the rest?