NZXT Trinity

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Thursday, 16 June 2005 11:00
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NZXT Trinity
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Computer cases have evolved over the years. They have gone from simple beige and white cases made only to house your system to objects of beauty and style. Computer owners can have a case that embodies their personality and interests, whether it's conventional or cutting edge.

Established last year, NZXT has received rave reviews for the build and design quality of their cases. They tailor the form and appearance of the cases for gamers. The theme was "gaming armor", creating cases adorned with large plates that could be worn by a medieval knight. With their latest case in the Classis Series, the Trinity, NZXT has chosen a different direction. The case is designed with elegance in mind, rather than brawn. NZXT's tag line for the Trinity is "just sexy". We'll find out if sexy is enough.