Gigabyte 3D Aurora

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Sunday, 31 July 2005 11:00
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Gigabyte 3D Aurora
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Case design is constantly changing, as the need of consumers always change. As a company, you need to act before the need for a certain design erupts. You need to be the first one on the market. Some may act too fast, and the design won't be well received. Timing is key.

We have very recently reviewed Gigabytes first step into watercooling, the 3D Galaxy. It proved to be a good performer with fantastic aesthetics. The 3D Galaxy showed that Gigabyte can adapt to other markets without trouble and design a very functional kit. We now have the chance to review the 3D Aurora, Gigabyte's first case, and the counterpart to their 3D Galaxy. Its design in conjunction with the 3D Galaxy makes watercooling an integral part of the case. It has room for their watercooling kit and then some. Will Gigabyte be able keep up with the design needs of enthusiasts in other markets and succeed or are they pushing their luck?