Enermax MaxFlow CS-718B

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 26 January 2005 11:00
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Enermax MaxFlow CS-718B
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When we hear the name Enermax, we automatically think of power supplies.  Enermax has always built quality power supplies.  Like I mentioned in our Noisetaker v2.0 review, they were the top choice a couple years ago.  Unfortunately, due to the competing market, Enermax became a quieted down and fell behind in the race.  All is not lost, though.  Enermax has picked up the slack and is coming out with many new products.  One of those products is a nice new case.  The MaxFlow CS-718 series takes the internal design from the recently reviewed SilverStone TJ06.  Internally, these cases look exactly the same.  The only difference between the two would be the design of the front panel and the addition of small tidbits here and there.  We were extremely pleased with the SilverStone TJ06, and we hope to be pleased with the Enermax MaxFlow CS-718.