Cooler Master Ammo 533

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 04 October 2005 11:00
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Cooler Master Ammo 533
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Ever since Shuttle released their SFF systems, enthusiasts have been jumping onboard to take advantage of the small size and excellent portability.  The main attraction of the Shuttle SFF system is the portability.  LAN gamers should know the tedious hauling of heavy cases just to get in on some fragging action.  Case manufacturers have one more goal on their check list to make a good gaming case--portability.  The SilverStone SG01 we looked over was a great case.  It was light, small, and had plenty of room inside to work with.  A small form factor case is one solution to making a portable system.  Unfortunately, it does come with some downsides.  The main misfortune would be the inability to use standard ATX motherboards.  This means that overclocking will be at a minimum, provided that your Micro-ATX motherboard comes with overclocking options.

Cooler Master has a different approach to gaming cases.  Their solution resulted with the Ammo 533 case.  This new case specifically targets gamers on the go.  Instead of the stylish and sleek designs that we have been accustomed to, the Ammo 533 comes with fancy looks and added features.