Arctic Cooling Silentium T1

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 10 March 2005 11:00
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Arctic Cooling Silentium T1
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Arctic Cooling

By now, you should all be very familiar with Arctic Cooling products and their capabilities.  Their cooling solutions make computing in silence a reality.  The VGA silencers are winning awards at every site and their Freezer coolers are now the preferred choice for my test bed.  With VGA coolers, CPU coolers, and case fans already set, what's the next step in providing a cool computing environment?  The case.  Arctic Cooling's step into the case category was somewhat surprising, considering that the majority of new cases today cater towards gamers.  All those cases focus mainly on looks and not any increased cooling performance.  Arctic Cooling has a different approach.  They look to provide better cooling performance while still maintaining the low level of noise they're very well known for.  With the goals in mind, they created the Silentium T1 and T2.

The Silentium cases have the exact same internal design and differ with the external shell.  Many will agree right off the bat that the Silentium T2 looks much more stylish than the T1 brother.  I have to agree as well.  The T2 is definitely more eye catching and gives that "high end tech" feeling.  Frankly, I thought the T1 version was ugly.  It looked like a regular black box with a cheap front panel.  My impressions changed when I received the sample.  It looks 200 percent better in person.  The look of the T1 caters much better for the HTPC community.

With pure cooling performance in mind, Arctic Cooling deviated from the traditional intake and exhaust system and came up with something much more different.