Thermaltake Matrix V2000

Written by Mike Mackenzie    Thursday, 19 October 2006 08:19
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Thermaltake Matrix V2000
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Image Complete with a futuristic name, the Matrix V2000 offers a tool-less case design and a mesh front. Is this latest offering from Thermaltake worth your cash?


Thermaltake has been a leading manufacturer of aftermarket computer components. Founded in 1999, they quickly became the leaders in design and functionality with all of their products; from cooling systems with their golden orb, their Purepower powersupplies all the way down to the chassis with the Xaser series chassis. Over the years, Thermaltake has increased the quality, performance, functionality, and efficiency of nearly all of their products.


I had taken a look at the Thermaltake website when a chassis caught my eye, the Mozart TX, an amazing Multimedia Chassis. I tried to get my hands on one so badly, but when I asked Luke to see if he could get in contact for a sample, there wasn’t one available for review. Thermaltake generously offered another new chassis for us to take a look at on InsaneTek, the Thermaltake Matrix. Although it doesn’t offer as much of an amazing base for a HTPC as the Mozart TX, it certainly has plenty of features which make it a consideration for users looking into an affordable mid-tower chassis packed with excellent features and build quality.

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When I had found out Thermaltake was sending a Matrix case, I saw a few things that caught my eye. The tool-less design looks much better than some of the previous tool-less designs I’ve used, and the mesh front panel with filters is definitely an interesting features as natural room airflow can freely flow thru the chassis. There is even a 120mm fan option to aid the airflow with a filter to keep the dust out. Being able to choose from several versions is great, users who don’t care for windows can get a full panel and you can get options with your choice of a Thermaltake 400W or 430W PSU already installed.

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