Sansun LED Keyboard

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 05 April 2005 11:00
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Sansun LED Keyboard
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Having the latest hardware is not the only necessity for a high performance gaming system.  Everything might run smoothly, but what good is that if you have poor control?  Logitech seems to have taken over with their high precision gaming mice, both wired and wireless.  Their new MX518 is definitely attractive and arguably the best gaming mouse out right now.  I personally love my MX500.  What about the keyboard?  There is no best or perfect keyboard, because they're all about the same in one way or another.  As long as the keys work, you can get used to just about any keyboard available.  I have friends who still prefer the aging IBM keyboards that weigh more than their towers.  I know plenty of users who like that "clicky" feeling whenever a key is pressed.  Then there are those who swear by laptop keys.  Laptop keys are definitely nice and easy to press, but it can get annoying when you do some serious fragging.  For me, it's much better to actually feel each individual key for precise movement.

Those who go to LAN parties with pimped out systems now have an extra piece of hardware to show off--the keyboard.  What we have today is an LED keyboard from Sansun.  The keyboard has built in blue LED's that glow when the system is turned on.  It certainly looks great, but what about the functionality?  There's no point if something looks good but performs poorly, right?