Ultra Products Mini Portable Disk External HD Enclosure

Written by Randy Torio    Friday, 19 November 2004 11:00
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Ultra Products Mini Portable Disk External HD Enclosure
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Not too long ago, we reviewed Ultra's X-Connect power supply.  The power supply proved to be a new and effective solution, because of its modular capability, beautifully sleeved cables, mirror-finished chassis, and its high amount of amps per rail.  Now, after having impressed with their X-Connect, Ultra hopes to do the same with their latest external hard drive enclosure.

Your computer information is one of your most valuable resources, so it is important to consistently back up your information as much as possible. However, 400 GB sometimes isn't going to cut it nowadays, and the extra space of multiple hard drives in your case can start to look smaller and smaller with the accumulation of even more hard drives.  Ultra has attempted to alleviate this problem with their Mini Disk Hard drive enclosure that can transform any IDE hard drive into a simple plug and play external hard drive. This eliminates the added cost of purchasing an external hard drive, which can easily become outdated in the future.  But how does it compare to IDE?  Read on to find out...