SunbeamTech Variety Accessory Pack

Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 12 January 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech Variety Accessory Pack
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Sunbeam is a company quietly developing modding accessories, cooling solutions, and cases. We had the opportunity to look at the Samurai case, which was great in terms of quality. Today, we'll be taking a look at SunbeamTech's line of accessories for the modding geek.






The package of accessories arrived in a battered up cardboard box. Fortunately, everything was intact and nothing was broken. I took out the smallest packages first, which happened to be thumbscrews. Each thumbscrew package has a different theme. The themes displayed are Viking, Gladiator, Skull and Alien. When placing the screws in the case, the Viking and Gladiator were easy to screw in due to the horns. The Skull and Alien were more difficult, but not impossible to screw in.




Cathode Ray Tubes

Next were two different colored (red and blue) cold cathode ray tubes. SunbeamTech's cold cathode ray tubes features vibrant light, low heat, and a dual inverter. The package contents include Velcro tape to attach to the case, a 12V inverter, cathode ray tube, and a PCI slot switch. Expected lifetime of these tubes are about 30,000 hours. There is also PCI slot switch to turn it on and off.





The Chameleon can be a nice addition to your computer. If your case has multi colored lighting, this accessory might suit your needs. The chameleon features four LEDs for you to place around your computer. It includes Velcro tape for those areas you can't attach anything to. The control panel has a blue, green, and red knob for you to turn on/off the desired color, or to change it's luminosity. These LEDs can get hot pretty quickly, so don't touch them unnecessarily. The on/off button allows you to turn off the lights. The control panel is placed in front of the case, in an empty 5.25" bay.




Various LED Light Products

The next item is a LED picture projector. This LED projector comes with three different interchangeable pictures and comes in three different colors. The one on display is red. To replace the picture, simply pull out the clear lens and put in a new picture. The projector has a movable base so that you can aim it anywhere. Velcro tape is included for those that wish to mount it somewhere.

Next up, we have a stage-like laser LED light. It can come in a variety of five different combinations of colors; Pure blue, pure green, pure red, ultraviolet, or red, green, and blue. The laser LEDs are designed to aim in three different directions, like a spotlight. Again, Velcro is included with the packaging.

Lights, lights, and more lights. On display here is a twistable night magic string of LEDs. There are a total of twenty LEDs on each strip, coming in three different colors (blue, green, and red). On one end of each strip, there is a connector to plug into a Molex power connector, and the other end features another connector to link to another chain if you want to make it longer.





SunbeamTech also allowed me to take sample some of their cooling products. They included two crystal quad LED fans in the packaging. These fans come either with four blue, red, or green LEDs, or two blue and two red. The maximum air flow for these fans are 37.5CFM, with a speed of 2800rpm and a noise level of 28.12dBA. I went ahead and plugged it into the Quantum fan control center and set it from lowest to highest speed. It spinning at 1680-1920rpm and the noise level was completely silent.


Wherever PCI Rack

The Wherever PCI Rack allows you to attach it to the PCI screw slots and add either a new hard drive, fan, or radiator. The material is steel-like and is 1.5mm thick. It has one base rack, and two extension bay racks. Extra extension racks must be purchased separately.




Just two more pieces left of the package. This one here is the SunbeamTech Lightbus. The Lightbus allows a user to control all the lights within his or her case. Cathode ray tubes, fans, and other lighting equipment can be controlled by the Lightbus. When this is used with an acrylic case, light shows are possible. The control panel fits on a 5.25" bay and features four knobs. The four knobs control the lights in it's channel.




LED Handles

The final piece of SunbeamTech's accessory package were LED case handles. These are designed for those that attend many LAN parties and mod their computers. To install this on your computer, SunbeamTech provides a template for you to screw the LED handles onto. One bad thing about these handles is that they are plastic. I'm actually fine with plastic handles, but the end joints for the screw to go through are plastic. My own computer is sixty-five pounds heavy and I'm sure plastic like that would not hold. The LED colors come in three colors, red, green, and blue. The plastic handle itself comes in either red, blue, or clear.




Conclusion and Thoughts









SunbeamTech offers a wide variety of accessories for the modding enthusiasts. Personally, I felt that these mods are too "simple." Perhaps my modding preferences are not on the level of what SunbeamTech offers. Some of the mods I found to be pointless, such as the LED projector and the laser LEDs. Who knows, maybe others might find a use for them. The thumbscrews, cold cathode ray tubes, the Chameleon, and the night magic LEDs caught my attention. Modding is all about personal preference; either you like them or you don't.


  • Variety of colors to suit your color theme
  • Wide variety of accessories to choose from
  • Velcro tape comes with about any of them for attachment to computer
  • Each box can be resealed so you can put away your mods
  • Use of LEDs enable brighter lights.


  • Nothing

We would like to thank Sunbeam Technology for providing us the sample.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit us up in the forums. You can also check out more of our latest reviews on the front page.