SunbeamTech LED Keyboard and Mouse

Written by Patrick Ng    Sunday, 10 July 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech LED Keyboard and Mouse
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Logitech has been the leading manufacturer of keyboards and mice for quite some time, producing top of the line hardware for extreme gamers. Although Logitech's keyboards and mice might have all the options and functions that gamers want, they don't have the mods some desire. Some users have taken apart their mouse just to add a few LED's or change the color, voiding the warranty in the process. Fear not, as SunbeamTech has moved into producing modded keyboards and mice for your pleasure. SunbeamTech has been improving the quality and functionality of their products, yet remaining appealing. I personally feel that performance should have top priority. You can brag about the number of lights in your entire system, but how well it works should be a top priority too. With that said, what does SunbeamTech have in store for us with their LED keyboard and mouse?