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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 06 July 2005 11:00
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Conclusion and Thoughts




SunbeamTech has come a long way in a short period of time. From their premature mod accessories to the Chromatic Windmill, they have evolved into an innovative company. The Windmill stands out from other function panels, in that it can control up to seven fans while monitoring the temperatures of several different parts of your computer. Aside from that, the LCD screen has a nice mix of colors that simply make it a beautiful addition to your system. The only things I didn't really like about it were the 'cheap' feel that you get when you see the plastic dial and buttons and the cables creating a huge mess. If you plan to use both the Windmill and the Superior Panel, the cable mess is greater. Lastly, the consumer must once again pay attention to the price tag. The Windmill costs about $30. As a fan controller, it would be of great use. However, if you're not looking to control that many fans, you'll get more use out of the Superior Panel, which costs about the same price.


  • Beautiful colors on LCD
  • Brushed aluminum unit
  • Comes in two different colors (silver and black)
  • Able to control up to seven fans
  • Can monitor temperatures with sensors


  • Cheap feel from the dial and buttons
  • Confusion caused from extra button under reset
  • Can not control high powered fans (only up to 10watts)
  • Cables can be messy
  • Time and date only ranges from year 2002-2009

We would like to thank Sunbeam Technology for providing us the sample.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit us up in the forums. You can also check out more of our latest reviews on the front page.