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Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 06 July 2005 11:00
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The Chromatic Windmill features a fan controller that supports up to 7 fans and temperature sensors, monitoring your CPU, HDD, and system temperatures. Each channel of the fan controller can support up to 10watts, for a total of 70watts. Fans like the Delta Extreme High Speed would not be suitable for this function panel, as they use 16.2watts. There is an alarm in the unit that works together with the sensors and will ring when temperatures reach the mark you set. The Windmill will fit in a 5.25" bay and does not have any extra pieces sticking out, so it will fit snuggly in a case with a front cover.

The Packaging:

The Windmill comes packaged with two bags of cables, an instruction manual, two batteries, and a few screws. For every port on the Windmill, there is a corresponding cable. Each of these cables are labeled for your convenience. The instruction manual is simply a function sheet that provides the description of each button or option.