SunbeamTech Chromatic Windmill

Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 06 July 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech Chromatic Windmill
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Overclocking just isn't the same anymore. Where is the fun in performance with no eye candy? We've had the chance to review modding accessories from Sunbeam Technologies, but their initial batch did not look promising. The moment they sent me the 20-in-1 Superior Panel, I noticed a shift in their ideas. They wanted to give consumers something pre-modded, but useful.

At first glance, SunbeamTech's Chromatic Windmill looks to be plain and lacking in options. However, it combines the idea of a rheostat and a system temperature monitor to form a function panel for better control of your system. How does this product stand out when compared to other function panels, such as the Superior Panel? I had high expectations for the Superior Panel, so hopefully the Windmill is the same.