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Written by Patrick Ng    Thursday, 12 May 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech 20-in-1 Superior Panel, LED Screws, and Anodized Fans
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Conclusion and Thoughts

The accessories are sure innovative and more attractive than their previous ones. I personally found the LED screws to be a funny mod. The anodized fans are great and keep the system silent.

With the growing amount of products demands of productivity, there are several reasons as to why this panel is a good investment. It offers what no other panel currently does. When you argue that an extra two SATA ports aren't really much different from the Enermax panel, you have a point. However take a look at the price. SunbeamTech's 20-in-1 panel is about $13-15 cheaper than Enermax's 18-in-1 panel. It is also compatible with cases with a front door, since it does not have knobs for the fan controller.

SunbeamTech did a fantastic job with their panel. Everything comes with problems and the only one problem this panel might have is the cable management. It is inevitable for cables to become messy when you have a whole bunch of them in a tight area. Aside from this one distraction, the panel enables the user to just plug something in and get right to work, instead of struggling under the desk trying to find the correct connector. The panel therefore deserves InsaneTek's recommended award.

John's Addition:

While the LED Screws and Anodized Fans are nothing to really brag about, the 20-in-1 Superior Panel is definitely an accessory to consider.  More and more enthusiasts are picking up new electronic toys that use all kinds of flash cards for storage, and the 20-in-1 panel makes the data transfer so much easier.  Not only that, it has a fan controller, LED readout, ports for USB and IEEE 1394, and external SATA connection!  I know there are some external SATA drives from Seagate but I don't think it's available as of right now.  The panel is already future-proof.  With such a panel in your computer, your life will be so much easier.


  • Offers the most features over other panels
  • Moderately low price
  • Blue LCD to add to the looks
  • Panel layout is very organized
  • Comes in two colors (black/silver)


  • Cable management could be a bit messy

We would like to thank Sunbeam Technology for providing us the sample.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit us up in the forums. You can also check out more of our latest reviews on the front page.