SunbeamTech 20-in-1 Superior Panel, LED Screws, and Anodized Fans

Written by Patrick Ng    Thursday, 12 May 2005 11:00
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SunbeamTech 20-in-1 Superior Panel, LED Screws, and Anodized Fans
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SunbeamTech has been specializing in modding accessories and cases for quite some time. They gained recognition after their first batch of modding accessories. Everyone should've seen their contests being held at several forums. They are dedicated in serving their customers and provide great customer service. We've reviewed a total of three things from SunbeamTech already, including the Samurai case, the Transformer case, and their assorted accessories pack. SunbeamTech has come up with several other modding accessories, which we'll go through here.

The latest from SunbeamTech includes LED screws and several different colored anodized LED fans. Along with their accessories, I was sent a superior 20-in-1 panel. Supposedly, this thing crams together all the useful connectors of your computer and relocates them to the front. You won't have to bang your head anymore while struggling to search for the right port. I have high expectations for a useful accessory like this, so lets take a look at the goodies.



LED Screws and Anodized Fans

SunbeamTech LED Screws:

The accessories provided by SunbeamTech this time are LED screws and special anodized LED fans. First up we'll take a look at the LED screws. The LED screws feature four screws with built-in LED lights, receiving power from a Molex connector. In the middle are the individual LED pins to relay power. To install, simply unplug each corresponding red and black to insert into the screw hole of the fan, one at a time. Afterwards, just pull until the screw is right at the hole and twist it in. Quite simple and to the point, right?

SunbeamTech Anodized Fans:

What SunbeamTech did to their anodized fans was add a layer of paint which reflects light like a mirror to bring out nice effect. These fans are 80mm and rated at 1800RPM @ 23.08CFM for silent operation. These fans (only 19.85dBA) fit well with a silent system that is screaming for mods. These fans are packaged with four screws, a 3pin-to-Molex transformer, and plenty of stickers to put on your case.

Like a regular fan, just plug it in and it'll work. Of course, be prepared from some vibrant light.