Scythe Silent Box

Written by Patrick Ng    Friday, 15 April 2005 11:00
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Scythe Silent Box
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Scythe is a Japanese-based company that also has offices in the USA. They are dedicated to products that reduce noise level without performance loss. Complete silence within the computer has been a long time dream of many enthusiasts. Cooling efficiency may greatly increase, but the noise level is sometimes too annoying or loud to bear. Yet, not all noise comes from fans. Hard drives also contribute when they read and write information. With this in mind, Scythe has tried to eliminate the noise from the hard drive.

Nowadays, new hard drives spin at higher RPM's, producing more heat and noise. The Scythe Silent Box is aimed at customers who want a noiseless solution for hard drives in their computers. Why does this specific HDD silencer stand out? The Silent Box offers compatibility with different sized hard drives, as well as the implementation of heatlane technology. Let's see if the Silent Box successfully reduces noise level meanwhile if the temperature is at an acceptable level.