LapWorks Laptop Legs

Written by Randy Torio    Friday, 19 August 2005 11:00
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While the staff here at InsaneTek enjoys killer overclocking rigs, many of us do work on our laptops.  I recently just purchased a Dell 9300 with all the high-end parts for only 1300 dollars.  I am definitely feeling the convenience of having a notebook over a desktop.  However, I prefer to keep my laptop on my lap for work, and this Dell 9300 can get rather hot during hot days or a game of WOW.  Equipped with a 6800 Go and a 2.2Ghz Dothan processor, this laptop packs the punch of a desktop.  The excess heat dissipating onto the precious gems of my lap certainly will not bode well for my future plans of having a family.  Fortunately, LapWorks, a leading supplier of laptop accessories, created the Laptop Legs to alleviate the heat problem and make working on my laptop much more convenient.

Many of you may know the company LapWorks for their patented "Laptop Desk," which is a mini portable desk designed to absorb the heat from your laptop and add extra workspace.  My roommate has this contraption and I constantly borrow it every time I feel like working on my bed.  Now LapWorks has invested more into research and designed the Laptop Legs, a feature that supposedly existed at one point with all laptops, but were noted as a design flaw because of their ability to break easily.  Now legs on a laptop will exist because of LapWorks.  InsaneTek will have a first-hand look.