Hiper Clavier Aluminum Keyboard

Written by Patrick Ng    Tuesday, 23 August 2005 11:00
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Hiper Clavier Aluminum Keyboard
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Keyboards and mice are perhaps the most essential components for a gamer. A stuck key or a low precision mouse could cost your team the game in a tournament or LAN party. When we think of a mouse and keyboard, the company Logitech often pops up because they're the leading manufacturer. We've reviewed a few keyboards here at InsaneTek. Although they were physically appealing, their respective performance did not meet our expectations. When will one keyboard actually meet our criteria? We have here a keyboard from Hiper, which has made a nice first impression with its appearance.

Hiper is short for High Performance Group and is a somewhat new company that produces fans, power supplies, keyboards, and media center cases. They have offices located in a few parts of the world, including China and the United Kingdom. Striving to keep up with competitors by providing consumers quality products, they have produced a few lines of products. While the keyboard they sent us has a stunning appearance, does it live up to our expectations? The last thing I would want is to be fragged by a newbie in a game because the keyboard was unreliable.