Crucial 12-in-1 Flash Reader and 1GB Secure Digital Card

Written by Patrick Ng    Wednesday, 19 October 2005 11:00
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Crucial 12-in-1 Flash Reader and 1GB Secure Digital Card
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The ever-growing technology industry has provided us with many useful devices such as digital cameras and for entertainment such as MP3 players. These devices require the use of some type of flash memory card in order to read and write data because they consume less energy. It shouldn't be a surprise when you hear Crucial with the term 'Flash Memory'.  Crucial Technology is a sub-division of Micron Technology. Micron Technology is a leading manufacturer of quality chips geared towards performance and stability. Crucial is more famous for their desktop products, such as their Ballistix line of memory.  They also manufacture all types of flash memory and provide inexpensive solutions for card readers. Crucial has their own line of flash memory and we are proud to show off Crucial's Secure Digital card and their Flash Reader.